Family Album

Moving image, film
I, 6 min 51 sec, II, 10 min 12 sec, III, 18 min 47 sec

The starting point for this series of films is a family album from my private archives. The album fascinates me due to its appearance, though it doesn’t look like the albums from my own childhood. It is almost entirely without text and descriptions. The people in the pictures are anonymous to those who have no previous knowledge of the portrayed. The Family album as the context, though, makes it easier to recognize and add your own values, memories, and thoughts to the pictures

So far there are three films attempting to discuss subjects such as how we read images and how we build stories and memories about them. And by that, it also discusses how truths are constructed, what is perceived as truth, and who decides what the truth is. In a sense, the films try to investigate what a photograph is.