Brev I, II, III,
Jätteloka, Tistel, Brännässla

Embroidered letters, Drawings.
60x200 cm (or as long as the letter)

The work Letters I, II, III, Giant Locust, Thistle, Nettle are counter-reactions and responses to letters written by a person who is no longer alive. With one half of longer letter correspondence, the work tries to capture and understand the correspondents and also create a deeper relationship with them. My letters cannot receive any physical answers, just as there are no answers left to be found in the written letters. Instead, they provide an opportunity to ask and perhaps accuse, but also to get closer and an opportunity to try to build and establish a relationship that is, however, one-sided and to some extent impossible.

The letters are embroidered with a thread dyed with ink that varies depending on the color of the sky at the time they were written. The color fades and disappears when exposed to sunlight, and just as I try to read a person in the letters but only get fragments, only fragments are obtained in my letters.

Each letter includes a drawn flower. These flowers all have in common that they somehow cause pain to those who come too close. The flowers become symbols of pain at the same time as they are anchored in the relationship, memory, and themselves.