Untitled Hands: Grandmother, Mother, Great Grandmother

Partly covered photographs. Drawings.
50x70 cm, 15x21 cm

The work consists of three photographs from my family's archives, which are partly covered. In each paper, round holes are cut out so that the hands of the persons on the photographs are visible.

Our hands have an important role when it comes to manage and create a relationship. The hand can recreate and build a relationship through its movement, can be both aggressive and loving. It is especially through the hands that we touch each other; it is the hand that greets and engages. 

The touch is something physical, unlike speech. The hand is the only thing visible in the images and emphasis is placed on the hands' relations with each other, their directions and positions, but also at the photographs behind.

The second part of the work consists of drawn enlargements of the hands from the photographs. Each hand on the image has a counterpart in a drawing. The drawings of the hands have served as a way of approaching and re-creating the relationships to the persons in the pictures.